Benin Owena River Basin Development Authority
Benin-Owena River Basin Authority
Km 24, Benin Sapele Rd, Obayantor, Benin City

Benin Owena River Basin Development Authority is one of the twelve river basin development authorities established by the Federal Government of Nigeria by an ACT of 1986 which repealed the 1979 river basins development authorities. The Benin Owena River Basin Development Authority covers three states ; Edo, Ondo, Ekiti and one senatorial district in Delta state. Some of the functions of the agency are

{a) Undertake comprehensive development of both surface and underground water resources for multipurpose use with particular emphasis on the provision of irrigation infrastructure and the control of floods and erosion and water- shed management

(b) Construct, operate and maintain dams, dykes, polders, wells, boreholes, irrigation and drainage systems, and other works necessary for the achievement of the Authority’s functions and hand over all lands to be cultivated under the irrigation scheme to the farmers

(c) Supply water from the Authority’s completed storage schemes to all users for a fee to be determined by the Authority concerned, with the approval of the Minister

(d) Construct, operate and maintain infrastructural services such as roads and bridges linking project sites: provided that such infrastructural services are included and form an integral part of the list of approved projects

(e) Develop and keep up-to-date a comprehensive water resources master plan identifying all water resources requirements in the Authority’s area of operation, through adequate collection and collation of water resources, water use, socio-economic and environmental data of the River Basin


BORBDA covers the whole of Edo, Ekiti, Ondo States and one Senatorial district in Delta State, with an estimated population of about 10.3 million people. Recent development has however allowed full utilization of assets and the Authority has since the year 2003 continued to revitalize the establishment of Agricultural activities via oil palm, cassava and rice farm, poultry project as well as piggery projects


Following the resolve of the Federal Government of Nigeria, the President, Muhammadu Buhari has mandated Ministries, Departments and Agencies of Government responsible for the promotion of agriculture to partner with Nigerian farmers to increase food and anima production per hectare of land by establishing training centers, the provision of infrastructure and the enabling environment which will lead to the creation of employment opportunities for Nigerian youths.

In line with the Federal Government resolve to increase food production, Benin Owena River Basin embarked on the establishment of Farmers/Youth Empowerment Program with the take-off of a 68 hectare of land provided with irrigation infrastructure for both rain fed and dry season farming and an additional 35 hectare for rain fed agriculture only. The initial phase commenced with 60 students where shortlisted from over 200 applicants drawn from several communities that provided the Authority with access to land. To ensure the involvement of each farmer, every participant is allocated 1 hectare of farmland – 0.5Ha with irrigation facilities and 0.5Ha rain fed. The graduate farmers have undergone preliminary training in modern agronomic practices in their choice crops to improve their capacities and maximize the yield from the available infrastructure