The Area Office Manager Ekiti, Mr Rufus O. Fagbuyiro on 14th September 2022, mobilized forty participants from Ekiti state.

The project manager and a junior agronomist of FMS Farms, Mr Isaac Familoni and Miss Adeze took all participants on guided tour on the farms. Lush flourishing varieties of crops such as red cabbage, kale vegetables, local & mikable onions, ordinary cabbage, special pepper and tomatoes were seen. There was a standby vehicle to evacuate these farm produce to sales points.

Speaking, Mr Familoni said Ayede farm is an arm of FMS mother farms at Iyemero. He said, their management decided to extend the farm to Ayede to capacitate the youths and women in the area and its environ. This they do, by providing inputs such as hybrid seedlings, fertilizer, chemicals etc including impaction of knowledge and skills on irrigation techniques to increase yield. He further said the project is for the training of prospective farmers who may wish to make use of Ayede farms and for those who wish to replicate knowledge acquired in their individual farms.